Multi-Layer Hardwood Christmas Ornaments

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This Christmas season we've got our unique handmade wooden inspired Christmas Ornaments. These have 3 different layers of high quality hardwood. US Navy Veteran made & made to order - these make amazing gifts. 


Our company was founded on the principle of offering comfort and support to those who are grieving. Recently, we had a woman stop by our booth in tears because her husband, a highly decorated Marine, had lost his battle. She was looking for an ornament with the word "Marine" on it. Despite our own emotional reactions, we were able to offer her some coasters as a small gesture of comfort. This experience is just one of many that have inspired us to do more for those who are grieving. We are currently seeking a corporate partner to help us in this mission. We hope that our products can bring a small measure of solace to those who are going through difficult times.


Custom options are available upon request!